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CTE Digital Publication Examples (XML / TEI)

The Text Encoding Initiative format is used "to encode a wide variety of commonly encountered textual features, in such a way as to maximize the usability of electronic transcriptions and to facilitate their interchange among scholars using different computer systems" (Lou Burnard / C. M. Sperberg-McQueen).

Here are some examples of how XML/TEI files exported by the Classical Text Editor might be used. Please note that some features are only supported by newer browser versions.

  1. Text with marginal text, notes and apparatus to be turned on and off.
  2. Text in four synchronized versions.

Here are some templates similar to those used in the above examples. Just put them in the folder to which you export the XML version of your CTE files. Modern browsers will then be able to display these directly; for publication however it is recommended to compile an HTML version (e.g., using the SAXON XSLT processor).

For rendering of CTE-generated XML prior to version 8.04, you can use these templates instead.